About Barrel Flash

Music is a pursuit that inspires - even demands - exploring and sharing ideas. Barrel Flash is our platform for generating new songs, and trying on a wardrobe of song styles and genres that we can put our stamp upon. Julia, Priscilla and Ross met in the vigorous music and brewery taproom performance scene in the Twin Cities. Each with a different music background, we enjoy throwing things into the pot and hearing what works. Which it does surprisingly well and often!

Barrel Flash (the name) is a tip of the hat to Breweries and distilleries, "Flash" (a sweet archaic reference to livin' the high life from the mid 19 century UK), and comes from author Leigh Bardugo's fictional neighborhood "The Barrel," a place full of gangs, gambling, and (we imagine) good music.

Look for us around town, and in the Upper Midwest.

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JULIA BROWN - Julia has been performing around the Twin Cities since 2007. With roots in musical theater, art song, Irish folk, and jazz, she is now a nonprofit arts administrator by day and Jack-of-most-trades singer by night. She is a proud member of the Unity Singers in St Paul. Julia is a talented songwriter and lyricist and she makes Ross learn new songs with crazy chord patterns and is the master of not resolving to the primary key.  Her last band, Sister Theda, released their EP in 2017.


ROSS JOHNSON - Ross has been a singer/player in theTwin Cities since the late 90's, with a passion for blues, British folk and rock, and a Bluegrass lilt derived from his dad, who was a fine folk player and guitar builder. He is a technical and marketing communications writer/producer in the day job, which allows him to buy too many guitars. Ross is also a circulator in Bluegrass string bands where he is forced to sing the high parts. Ross is a songwriter too, and then makes Julia learn old pub rock songs and attempts to play her 4:4 songs in 3:4 for no apparent reason. 

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PRISCILLA THOMAS - Priscilla is a long time member of the area folk music community. She is part of the group Sweet Rhubarb, a women's trio that is active in the Twin Cities and as far south as the Kansas State Fair. In Barrel Flash, she provides a solid rhythm foundation on bass and rhythm guitar and fully knows the difference between 4:4 and 3:4. Her intuitive playing and vocal harmony skills make her the glue that holds Barrel Flash songs together.