Some songs...

We write a lot of songs. We also honor the great work of other awesome songwriters. Here's a taste of both in video form. Enjoy!

Pleasant Title

Waiting on a Train - by Ross Johnson

I spend a lot of time riding trains around the northern UK and Scotland. I find it oddly natural to travel by rail alone and perhaps I was born for a different time. ©2019

Sara - by Julia Brown

A very sweet song where one cannot tell who really needs rescued. It must depend on your point of view. ©2017

Riding Away - by Ross Johnson/Julia Brown

The result of a 72 hour local music society songwriting challenge to compose a song on a specified topic. They said bicycles - we evolved it to motorcycles after the event! ©2018

Brokedown Palace - by Garcia/Hunter

A quiet rumination on a Dead lullaby of sorts.

City Kids - by Ross Johnson

Seems one can never be satisfied - this song is sorta about that.

Love Hurts - by brothers Bryant

A classic. a Parsons take, NOT a Nazareth take!... 

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